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Sunday 21st February
Mix & match your workshops to create your perfect festival. A day designed to make your February a little more fabulous & leave you feeling happier, healthier & more relaxed!
only £15
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Tickets & The Line-Up
Your Restival 2.0. ticket will give you access to all ten (!!) of the workshops below.
Click here to get our list of workshop essentials - equipment & ingredients you need for some of the workshops & scroll down to find out a bit more about each session.
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11am - Pilates
12pm - Origami Time
1pm - The story behind the craft (panel talk)
2pm - Icing Experts
3pm - A Still life
4pm - Charleston Dance Class
5pm - A Nepalese feast
6pm - The Story Hour (panel talk)
7pm - The Virtual Spa
8pm - Yoga Nidra
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*These sessions will be recorded so that you can listen back to them at a later date if you are unable to join live.
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Had enough screen time!? For these sessions, you can turn off your screen & just listen if you like!
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The Workshops
You will need a few ingredients & pieces of equipment for some of our workshops. Please click here to find out what you will need.
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Back by popular demand, join Emily, our resident physiotherapist for this restorative pilates workshop.
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Charleston Dance Class
Join us for 45 minutes of dancing joy! Holly will teach us the basics of Charleston - great fun whatever your dancing experience.
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Origami Time
Learn from Alex - our origami master as he teachers you two make 2 easy to learn origami pieces.
A Nepalese Feast
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Need some dinner inspiration? Rajiv is going to teach us to cook a Nepalese feast1 Yum!
The story behind the craft (Panel Talk)*
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Learn about the history behind some incredible traditional crafts. Created through necessity but enjoyed for so many generations.
The Reading Hour (Panel Talk)*
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Love being read to? We do! Our four guests will share with us an extract from their favourite story or poem! A Sunday evening treat!
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Icing Experts
Join Chinelo, our cake genius as she teaches us how to become icing experts! 
The Virtual Spa
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Join Ez as she teaches us a facial massage technique designed to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead.
A Still Life
New to drawing or a bit of a pro, this is the perfect drawing class for you! No equipment needed except a pencil & some fruit!
Yoga Nidra
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The final session of our festival.  Snuggle up in a warm, cosy jumper with a blanket, light a candle & settle in for an hour of guided relaxation.
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*These sessions may be subject to change!
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"Thank you for it all. It really was a wonderful couple of days and the highlight of my January!"
- Grace
"Was an extremely lovely way to spend the morning, productive and relaxing. This class really set me up for the day. 
Thank you!"
"What an amazing experience and the perfect start to the year in such difficult times! I’ll be returning for more :)"
- Deborah
A lovely uplifting demo. This was the most out of the box for me, something so far removed from my usual habits or hobbies, but was surprised to find it so relaxing and satisfying. The tips I learnt here were super helpful. My mind is still blown that plant feed is just bleach & sugar!! I’ve told everyone I’ve spoken to about this, feeling all smug like I’m ‘in the know' . Thank you.
"Thank you for your hard work and kindness! I didn't know how much I missed these events and how much I needed it. Definitely brought joy to not only Jan but it set the tone for the whole 2021. Thank you!"
"I wish I could shout out to more of the sessions. Every single one we listened to or participated in was truly wonderful. What was an absolute joy in a dreary January." 
- Zoe
First time trying this So relaxing I fell asleep  during it and I suffer with insomnia so that was amazing how relaxing it was! Thanks so much.
- Sofia
"This was just what I needed after months of lockdown in London and being pregnant! A bit of self care to make everything seem better! My skin felt amazing afterwards! Thanks so much!"
- Laura
"I love the concept of restival and the fasntastic sessions, please do more of these!"
- Zoe
"Excellent concept very well executed.  Lovely idea in lockdown!"
- Sarah
"Thank you for organising this. It was so Great to Have these activities to look forward to over the weekend."
- Georgia
"I loved the pilates! So easy to follow and felt great afterwards - thank you"
- Tegan
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