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The Little Surprises Story

Our story began a few years ago over a long dinner and a large glass of wine.  I love good food, interesting bars and quirky activities but always ended up meeting friends in the same places and doing the same things.  London has so many brilliant things to do, but it can be overwhelming and so we stick with what we know.  I love buying presents for other people, receiving things through the letter box & discovering things in London that I didn't know of before. Most of all, I love the joy that surprising someone brings to both them and me and so the concept of The Little Surprises Company was created.

At The Little Surprises Company, we partner with lovely, local businesses so that every Little Surprise is a real treat and supports that local business in growing at the same time.  We want to encourage people to do things together, try new things and make great memories! 


We are constantly adding to our list of Little Surprises so please get in touch if you have a surprise you would like to suggest. We hope that whether you are the generous surpriser or the grateful surprisee, you get as much joy from the experiences we select for you as we have done. 

Hannah-Beth &

The Little Surprises Team 


Who knew you could have this much fun dressing up & holding a real life chicken!?
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