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only £20
Sunday 17th & Monday 18th January
Mix & match our online workshops & panels to customise your festival so that you have the most relaxing two days!
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The Line-Up
Limited Early bird
Festival tickets 
From just £5!
10am - Healthy Breakfasts
11am - Pilates
2pm - Vinyasa Flow Yoga
3pm - Beautiful Flowers
4pm - Make your own breads
5pm - 'Good for you' Dinners
6pm - The Music Hour (panel talk)
7pm - The Virtual Spa
8am - Breathwork
9am - The Writers' Salon
1pm - Sustainable Lifestyle (panel talk)
2pm - Boxing
3pm - Revamp your wardrobe (panel talk)
4pm - Mindful Mandala Drawing
7pm - An introduction to reflexology
8pm - Yoga Nidra
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17th January
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18th January
*These sessions will be recorded so that you can listen back to them at a later date if you are unable to join live.
Festival Ticket
Access to all workshops
(£20 Earlybird)
The Tickets
Mini Self Care
Access to all workshops
& a mini self-care kit
(£30 Earlybird)
Chocolate Lover
Access to all workshops
& brownie delivery
(£40 Earlybird)
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Self Care
Access to all workshops
& a full self care kit
(£55 Earlybird)
The Workshops
A few of the workshops will need you to buy/gather a few things in advance.  Click here to find out what you need!
Healthy Breakfasts
10am - 11am
Join Emily, our resident nutritionist as we learn to make 3 delicious, healthy breakfasts!
Join Emily, our resident physiotherapist for this restorative pilates workshop.
Vinyasa Flow Yoga
Join Marisa for an incredible one hour energising yoga session guareenteed to set you up for the week!
Beautiful Flowers
Join Emily, our brilliant florist for to learn to create beautiful hand-tied bouquets.
The perfect start to Monday. An energising breathwork session with Charlie!
The Writers' Salon*
Set some intentions for the new year in this hour long writers' workshop.
Sustainable Lifestyles (panel talk)*
Mel & Christina know everything there is to know about the best sustainable brands! Pick their brains!
The perfect afternoon workout! A one hour, high intensity boxing workshop.
Make your own Bread
Rhiannon, our brilliant baker will teach you to make two delicious quick bakes - soda bread & flatbreads!
Revamp your wardrobe*
Does your wardrobe need a little sprucing up? Join Laura to find out her top tips for falling back in love with clothes.
'Good For You' Dinners
Learn about Ayurvedic principles of eating, identify your dosha & learn to make a delicious (vegan friendly) falafel & hummus duo.
Mindful Mandala Drawing
Ubie will take you through, step-by-step drawing a beautiful geometric mandala.  A brilliant opportunity to switch off & get creative.
The Music Hour (Panel Talk)*
Join Otty to talk about all things music! The perfect Sunday evening listen. You'll leave with a long list of must-listens!
An introduction to reflxology
Ever feel stressed or anxious? Learn a powerful hand sequence that you can use any time, any where to relax your body & your mind.
The Virtual Spa
Join Ez as she teaches you a facial massage technique designed to leave you feeling relaxed and ready for the week ahead.
Yoga Nidra
The final session of our festival.  Snuggle up in a warm, cosy jumper with a blanket, light a candle & settle in for an hour of guided relaxation.
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*These sessions will be recorded so that you can listen back to them at a later date if you are unable to join live.