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Shibori Workshop

Join Yiran for this incredible Shibori workshop.   Bai stitch resist tie-dye known as 'ZhaRan' in Chinese and 'Shibori' in Japanese is a traditional craft of the Bai ethnic minority group in Yunnan, southern China. This craft has existed for over 1000 years and is still practiced today.


In the first 2-hour workshop, led by a member of the Bai people, you will:

  • Learn and practice three traditional stitch resist tie-dye techniques
  • Create your own design based on these techniques and apply it to a provided square cotton bandana and a cotton tote bag.
  • You can choose to dye your scarf and bandana in your Indigo dye vat or any kind of dye vat you have and learn about the dyeing process or you can dye it later at your connivence.


This workshop is taught through Zoom, and you will receive a material kit through post once you purchase the class, which includes:

  • Needles and threads for stitching
  • One piece of sample fabric with lines to practice
  • One square cotton bandana
  • One plain cotton tote bag
  • One water erasable pen for your draw your own design


However, it does not include the dye, which you can choose to make your own indigo dye vat by purchasing an indigo dye vat kit or using simpler Dylon handdye or Rit dye with salt.


Here are some links for you to check out dye you want to use:

You can get Indigo dye kit from:


Or you can just get Dylon handye or Rit dye: