Make your own pottery kit!

Bored of staring at a computer screen!? Why not treat yourself (or a loved one) to a pottery making kit! 


We have two kits avaialble:

The Starter Kit:  contains everything you need to make 4 different handbuilding projects; a tealight holder, wire bird, a lidded pot and a table wreath decoration.  The kit includes:

1x clay board

700g clay(enough for all four projects)

1x tealight

2x wire pieces

4x project instruction cards

1 x small jar

1 x paintbrush


*an upgrade is available to make the pack suitable for 2 people (each completing all 4 projects). You will receive an extra clay board, extra clay, extra tealight and extra wire.


The Rainbow Kit: This kit focuses on the slab building technique.  This kit contains everything you need for three projects, a rain drop mobile, rainbow postcards and a leaf imprint dish!

1 x Rolling pin
600g Air Dry Clay
1 x Wooden Cloud
1 x Cotton yarn
2 x Cutters
1 x Set of Instruction Cards
4 x Postcards to send your rainbow
4 x Glue Dots

An upgrade to a two person kit is available in which you will receive double the amount of clay, rolling pins, clouds, cotton yarn, postcards and glue dots.

Suitable for ages 4+ years to adult (children will require adult supervision)

Projects have been designed to suit beginners, with little or no pottery experience.


Make your own pottery kit!

  • Orders will take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Postage is included.


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