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1-1 Guided Mediation (online)


We all seem to be striving for happiness and satisfaction in our lives. What if we told you you were looking in the wrong place? External factors can only positively influence our happiness if we are happy in ourselves. According to Buddha, meditation trains the mind to “not dwell in the past or contemplate the future”. It lets the mind settle in the now and allows us to see the beauty of the present.


In this 45 minute introduction session, Karen will take you through the benefits of meditation and how to make it work for you and fit with your lifestyle. You will finish with a wonderful guided meditation.


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1-1 Guided Mediation (online)

  • "I recently had a session with Karen that proved to be really effective and I took a lot more away from it than I thought possible. Karen made me feel relaxed and comfortable, she has a genuine passion for your wellbeing which is clear when you speak with her. I would highly recommend Karen."


    "When you have a session with Karen you just know you are in good hands. I had amazing results instantly, finding a sense of purpose and inner peace, which I didn't experience for a very long time."


    "I would thoroughly recommend spending some time in her company .. she makes you think ... for the better!"

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