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A brownie delivery!

This is the perfect gift for a friend that needs a little love! A surprise delivery of brownies through the post!!! Bea means bringer of joy and this incredible tin of handcrafted brownies is a truly embodies this! Each brownie is handmade using premium chocolate, French butter and black cocoa powder. Yum!

(Gluten free option available for every brownie below)


Boujee Bea

Make way (or room in your belly) for Boujee Bea!!! Boujee is a hip-hop slang for something luxurious in lifestyle yet humble in character & Boujee Bea is as boujee as they come.  These deliciously decadent brownies are made with a generous helpings of chopped white & milk chocolate added to each batch. 


Classy Bea 

A real treat! A delicious nice dark chocolate brownie and gooey caramely centre


Gooey Bea

Gooey. Chocolatey. Caramelly. Salty. Check! Check! Check and Check! All hail Gooey Bea, the hero of gooey brownies. Indulgence is an understatement - your ultimate chocolate fix with our signature black cocoa hitting all the right notes from the moment you open your tin.  Oozing salted caramel sauce melts in your mouth with each bite. 


Pollock Bea

White chocolate lovers, this one is for you!  Good old Jackson Pollock always knew how to make an impact with a splash of paint. We’ve done the same with with a splash of white chocolate!  These brownies have a generous helping of chopped white chocolate and roasted walnuts - yum!!  You’ll go nuts about Pollock Bea.


A brownie delivery!

  • Brownies are delivered in a reusable tin (for storage or baking) with a recipe for a delicious treat you can make in the tin (when the brownies have been devoured!).  You can also include a personalised note to go in with your tin of brownies!

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