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The Chocoholics Hour - Must-try Chocolates!

Updated: Mar 29, 2021

Did you love hearing all of Jen's chocolate recommendations? Check them out below!

1. Doormouse - Egg On Toast

New for Easter - their award winning bread & butter chocolate topped with a white chocolate fried "egg" with a peach yolk, their chocolatey take on a breakfast classic!

Click here to get yours.

2. Land Chocolate - Toasted White

As close as you can get to a single origin white chocolate. Their Nicaraguan cocoa butter retains a lovely natural chocolate aroma & a hint of acidity, perfectly complementing the milk powder which has been heavily toasted to bring out a biscuity aroma. They finish this bar with a sprinkling of Nicaraguan cocoa nibs, adding a lovely crunch & an intense fruity/acidic note to this unique tasting white chocolate.

Click here to get yours.

3. Pumpstreet Bakery - Brown Bread 40%

Their newest foray into bakery bars; a chunky, malty amalgamation of bread pieces & sweet toffee-ish white chocolate made with their very own cocoa press and Samuel von Rutte's Ecuadorian cocoa beans from Hacienda Limon.

Click here to get yours

4. Chocolader - Wild Gorse Flower 50% Milk

Picked by hand in late spring from the prickly hedgerows that line the rugged Cornish coastal path, these small yellow flowers are a right pain in the fingers to harvest!

However, once steeped in cocoa butter pressed from their own beans, the flowers impart their heady warm coconut scent to our milk chocolate for a unique flavour that makes it all worthwhile.

Click here to get yours.

5. Tosier - 90% Maya Mountain Belize

Delicate notes of pineapple, pepper and rainforest fruits.

Their chocolate is made using the highest quality cocoa, sustainably-sourced from the world’s top 5%, so our farmers get their fair share.

All of their bars are made with 70% cocoa to enable you to compare and appreciate the delicate and distinctive flavours of the beans and their varieties.

Handcrafting our chocolate in 24 kilo microbatches, we only make a limited number of bars from each harvest.

Handcrafting their chocolate in 24 kilo microbatches, they only make a limited number of bars from each harvest.

Like wine, each harvest is unique & the delicious flavours of each variety are enhanced by individual roasting profiles. Tosier Chocolate uses only three ingredients - 70% single origin cocoa beans, unrefined organic cane sugar & cocoa butter.

Click here to get yours.

6. Lucocoa Chocolate - Dominican Republic Dark Chocolate

Creamy & nutty, there is no palate it can’t cater for. Lucocoa Chocolate is made bean to bar in London, using no refined sugar or artificial sweeteners. It tickles your taste buds without pricking your conscience; not naughty, just nice.

Click here to get yours.

7. William Curley - Caramel Raisin Bar

Taken from their nostalgia range, this is a crispy layer of hazelnut praline feuilletine, topped with salted caramel and tangy raisins, then coated in Amedei Toscano 65% dark chocolate.

Click here to get yours.

8. New Forest Chocolate Company - Hot Cross Buns Bonbons & Zen Collection- Matcha Green Tea & Pistachio Bonbons

First up are the 'Hot Cross Bun' Bonbons - full of nutmeg, cinnamon, orange flavours topped with fruit set in creamy, caramel gold chocolate

The second recommendation is the 'matcha green tea & pistachio' bonbons - the matcha ganache delivers intensely nutty & long lasting sweetness on the palate. These bonbons are an extraordinary treat.

Click here to get your Hot Cross Bun bonbons or here to get their Matcha Green Tea & Pistachio bonbons.

9. Nibblette - Award Winning Chocolate Collection

Discover their luxury Award Winning chocolate collection. Each box contains their six award-winning flavours found on their chocolate menu, hand-made in micro batches.

Their award-winning flavours are Kheer, Colombian Coffee, Raspberry and Pistachio, Assam Masala Chai, Double Raspberry & a Hazelnut Praline.

Click here to get yours.

Loved our Chocoholics Hour? Why not book in for a mystery chocolate tasting with Jen? These happen once a month. You will be sent a tasting kit with six delicious chocolates to try & your tasting will be packed full of more incredible chocolate recommendations. Click here to find out more.


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