Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who are little surprises designed to be given to?

Little Surprises are the perfect gift for anyone you care about and want to treat!  We think it would be ideal for a wedding, a birthday or Christmas present for a much loved family member or a leaving present for a colleague from work. Why not buy one with a partner or friend so that you get to take part in the Little Surprises with them?

Q: When in the year will my surprises be posted to my friend?

Within 72 hours of your purchase, we will send out a Little Surprises welcome card to give to your friend so that they know that you have actually bought them a gift!  This can either be sent to you or directly to the person you are purchasing the Little Surprise for.  This will be sent by second class post.  Your friend must activate their Little Surprise collection within three months of receiving their welcome card by logging on to our website.  A little surprise will then be sent to your friend every three months so that you really are giving a gift that keeps giving.

Q: Will everyone receive the same surprises?

We have three different surprise collections on offer as we know that everyone will enjoy a different kind of experience. We have a range of surprises that we will select from within each collection. The more information you can provide us with, the easier it will be for us to tailor the surprises we select to your particular friend.

Q: Are the surprises on a certain day? What happens if my friend can't make that date?

Each Little Surprise experience will be delivered as a voucher.  It will explain exactly what is included and how to book.  All that your friend needs to do is call or email the surprise provider and book in the day that they would like to visit.  On the rare occasion that a surprise is for a specific date, we will always contact them in advance to check their availability. All surprises must be used within three months of the voucher being issued unless otherwise specified.

Q: Where will the surprises be based?

All of our surprises are currently based within central London but we are hoping to expand this to include other areas in future years.

Q: What happens if my friend doesn't like the sound of one of the surprises?

The idea behind Little Surprises was to get people to visit places and do things that they wouldn't normally. Everything we have chosen is provided by a reliable company and we have worked closely with them to design each surprise. We purchase all of the surprises in advance so it is not possible to exchange or swap any of our surprises.

Q: Can I find out what the surprises will be before I buy?

When we designed the concept of Little Surprises, the idea was that each gift really was a surprise to both the purchaser and the recipient.  We have sought to ensure that each little surprises feels special and like a treat.  We have avoided as much as possible, large chains that often offer packages and deals and instead have formed partnerships with smaller businesses.  


In choosing each surprise, we have looked for activities or venues that offer something a little different or are special in some way.  We have worked hard to put together combinations of activities that will provide good value for money for you and ensure that your friends feel thoroughly spoilt over the coming year!

Q: Why buy a Little Surprise collection instead of buying the experiences myself?

In London, we are overwhelmed by choices!  Buy purchasing a gift from us, The Little Surprises Company makes the decisions for you! We will push you to try new things, visit places you haven't been previously and best of all, you don't have to organise any of it yourself!