Restival 2021
The Round Up
Thank you so much for joining us for Restival 2021!
We hope that you enjoy the recorded sessions.
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Catch Up

These sessions will be available for you to listen back to for the next 10 days.

Sustainable Lifestyles
Mel & Christina share some of their top tips for living more sustainable lives! Lots of recommendations for small changes you can make & brilliant independent brands to follow!
Revamp Your Wardrobe
Laura shares her top tips to make you fall back in love with your wardrobe.  A must for anyone who has spent the last few months in leggings & a cardigan!
The Writers' Salon
Parul leads you through a brilliant writing session designed unlock your inner writer and set some intentions for the new year.
The Music Hour
Join singer-songwriter Otty & DJ Carl as they chat to Charlie about all things music! Discussions on the importance of music on our wellbeing & plenty of artist recommendations.  Even a little song from Otty at the end!
Otty's Playlists

Otty's must-listens

for Lockdown!

Join Kevin from 3Pillars Fitness for this high intensity boxing session!
Get ready to get very sweaty!!
Access to these recordings is for Restival 2021 attendees only.  Please do not share the link to this page.

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