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Sashiko Workshop

Join Yiran for this incredible Sashiko workshop.  Sashiko, meaning "little stab" is the Japanese art of stitching beautiful patterns using running stitch.  Often used to add strength, texture and warmth to old garments, Sashiko has become synonymous with complex repeating patterns and precise stitching.


Through this online class, your (or your loved one) will learn the history and cultural background of Sashiko Stitch and learn 4 different pattern Sashiko.  You will learn the principle and basic technique of Sashiko stitch and design and will be able to carry out more projects by yourself after this workshop.


We will email a Little Surprises gift voucher to your (or the person you are surprising), letting them know what you have organised for them and they can then book their class for the date they wish.  Classes run every Wednesday evening.

Sashiko Workshop

  • As a member of southern China's Bai minority ethnicity, Yiran is interested in the conservation of ethnic minority craft techniques.  She has build a broad experience of costume making, design and supervision in performance through her university study.  She is passionate about exploring communication between the East and West and her practice has focused on how to combine embroidery and traditional elements from Chinese costumes with Western techniques to explore intercultural connections.  Yiran founded YiCrafts last year to offer people experiencing Chinese ethnic minority's tranditional cultural crafts.

  • Please note, there is a delivery time of between 5-7 days for your Sashiko kit (needle, thread, template and tote bag).  Delivery is £5

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