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Discover Your Colours (online)

The perfect gift for anyone that wants to learn a little more about what colours they should be wearing!  During this thirty minute appointment, Lindsay will take them through which colours truly suit them - based upon their eye colour, skin tone and hair colour. She’ll show them how to wear their colours for maximum effect and send over a digital swatch containing 25 of their colours to keep for future reference.


Your lucky recipient will be emailed their Little Surprises gift card, letting them know what you have organised for them and they can then book their class for the time that they wish.  Classes available week days and weekends.

Discover Your Colours (online)

  • Lindsay is a Personal Stylist, based on the rural outskirts of Biggleswade, Bedfordshire.

    Her style journey began in 2015, not long after she’d had her second son. She had fully embraced her role of a wife and mother, so much so, that she’d lost sight of herself in the process. Her wardrobe of dreary coloured clothes reflected exactly how she felt - that she had faded into the background. 

    Lindsay had heard of people ‘getting their colours done’ and it sounded like a perfect opportunity to carve out a bit of time to refocus on herself. Discovering a simple way to boost her own appearance really appealed to her - as did the opportunity to sit down for a couple of hours with a hot cup of tea!

    As the consultant swapped various coloured drapes under her chin in quick succession, she was absolutely blown away by the effects these different colours had upon her appearance. Sh