Cocktail Making (online)

Looking for something fun to do on your Friday or Saturday night? Why not join a cocktail masterclass and learn to make some delicious cocktails!    With searches for cocktail recipes and tutorials at an all time high - higher than the usual Christmas and summertime peaks - this is the time to get shaking, muddling and stirring some amazing concoctions!  


Each week, the classes will concentrate on a particular spirit, making 4 cocktails, and the benefit of this one is instead of just tasting the drinks and a “turn” behind the bar, you get to make and drink each one!  


Classes happen every Friday and Saturday evening (7:30-9pm). We will email the details of your Little Surprise to you (or your loved one if it is a gift!) and you can then book in for the date that you would like to join.  You have three weeks to use your voucher.

Cocktail Making (online)

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