Let’s Breathe Together & Build Community. The perfect gift for that person in your life who wants to feel calmer, more focused, creative & connected? Treat them to a month long breathwork membership.  Your membership will include:


Live & recorded breath work sessions 2 x a week
Community Group
Weekly themed lessons & resources 
One on one help where needed
Access to private members area
Access to monthly retreats


If this is a gift, don't forget to add a message to your lucky recipient at the 'checkout'.


  • "Thank you for talking about breathing. It reminded me to breathe and I listened back to your workshop at bedtime & fell asleep." - Sarah

    "I was so impressed by the reinvigorating power of the breathwork session. After being guided through the technique but the wonderful Charlie for the hour, I felt both calm, focussed & energise for the entire day afterwards and was so delighted to find a whole new workout for my mind as well as my lungs.  Thank you!" - Zoe

    "What a great session! I've been interested in exploring breathwork and the benefits it can provide but never really gotten round to it. it's opened my eyes to a better way of breathing, thank you!" - Allan