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1-1 Breathwork

Join Charlie Moult for a powerful 60 minute session of breath work. You will be guided through a series of breathing exercises to a specially curated playlist designed to reduce stress, improve wellbeing and performance. A perfect gift for somebody who needs a destress or who is interested in learning more about breath work. It is an unforgettable experience and is available for individuals and groups. Each session is tailored to your needs for optimum results.


Your lucky recipient will receive a Little Surprises gift card letting them know what you have organised for them and they can book weekends 8am-8pm and evenings 7-8pm. Other times are available upon request.

1-1 Breathwork

  • Charlie Moult

    As a Chiropractor and breath work coach, I love helping people stay healthy by keeping their nervous systems in check. I also love to connect with people to deliver powerful meditation and breath work sessions. These sessions can break blocks and patterns of stress and move people towards a state of learning, self-awareness, growth and flow. This leads to improved energy, focus, creativity and emotional wellbeing.

    I came across meditation practices whilst at University and noticed more and more the need as a Chiropractor to help people not just physically but also mentally. Having had profound experiences myself, I went on to train in meditation and breath work coaching and have trained with the famous Dan Brule (personal coach of Tony Robbins!). 

    It is an absolute joy to help others discover new ways to tap into their unique brilliance and to remove long held stress patterns. I hold both group sessions and individualised coaching. 

  • ‘My first introduction to breath work was a truly incredible experience. Charlie was amazing from start to finish, creating a beautifully relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Her guidance throughout the workshop was exceptional . I left feeling so relaxed and completely energised. I cannot recommend Charlie enough. Thank you so much for enlightening me with such a powerful tool. Can’t wait for the next one!" - Chloe

    "Attending Charlie’s workshop felt like complete enlightenment. It opened up my mind to a new way of breathing. It also taught me to take time to relax and breathe in a way that helped my mind and body. Thank you Charlie, I would recommend this to anyone!" - Karen

    "An incredibly liberating event where I could feel any pent up negative energy shake itself away followed up by an intense yet relaxing breath work exercise, I felt as light as air after the workshop." - Steph

    "What a wonderful session today, thank you. Everyone loved it. Loved the way you did the class, music and your participation to keep us connected – wonderful.  I hope we can get another session booked in."  

    "I wanted to take the time to express my gratitude for the session that you ran yesterday for the Hollister organisation.

    As a 51 year old aging hippie / punk, it was by far the best session that I have ever undertaken, with regard to the ability to calm and relax.

    Having previously lived in Brighton for many years,  I have tried Shiatsu and the like but genuinely not benefitted to the extent that I did yesterday.

    I also loved the music, which I believe was a hugely contributing factor." - Leo

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